Using the Right Technology for Your Realty Business

Everyone is touting “electronic offices” and “downloadable apps” and so forth and so on to help propel your realty business forward. You may embrace the electronic revolution, or you might feel like shaking your fist at the whole thing and telling it to get off your lawn. But many real estate agents aren’t really sure… read more

Eating with Your Eyes First: Using Web Sites to Engage Buyers

Food connoisseurs know that diners “eat with their eyes first.” This applies to real estate as much as it does a plate of fine food – hence the emphasis on landscaping, pressure-washing and painting the outside of a home on the market, and so forth. But it also applies to real estate websites. A significant… read more

What Small Businesses and Marketers Can Learn from Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking went from working a low-paying job to becoming a self-publishing sensation in just a few short months. In less than a year, she rose to become one of Amazon’s top-selling authors and to earning more than $1 million in sales – all by herself. Hocking was rejected numerous times by literary agents and… read more

5 Warning Signs that Your Blog Needs Better SEO

There are two ways you can promote your blog: Paid advertising or search-engine optimization (SEO). Effective SEO can help your blog appear higher in relevant search-engine results, helping your site get more exposure and more traffic. More traffic leads to more regular visitors, which leads to more sales. While you can learn to do SEO… read more

How to Maintain Page Rank While Redesigning Your Site

It’s inevitable that there will come a time when you need to redesign your site. Maybe your look has become outdated. Maybe your brand has undergone a makeover. Maybe you have added new products or services to your line, and you need to update your site to reflect those. As necessary as redesigning your site… read more

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