How to Communicate Your Needs to Your Web Developer

How to communicate your needs to a web designer

How to communicate your needs to a web designer

The quality of website that you get from your web designer is completely dependent upon how well you communicate your needs to the developer. I advise that you have a basic idea of what you want your website to look like and what you want your website to achieve. Every website needs to have a purpose and it is important that the developer know that purpose to create an effective website for you.

To make sure that you get the best work done by web design company you have hired it is important that you go into the business partnership with a few understandings.

First, you are going to want to understand what a web development company does. What I mean here is that you need to know, at your very first meeting, what your web developer can do. What is covered under the scope of their expertise and what is not? This is important so that there aren’t any false expectations or misconceptions about what is going to be done. A huge factor here is content. Generally speaking developers/designers don’t handle the content that is the job of the client sometimes this can done by the same company (for example Apto Hosting also writes content for clients).

Second, write down what you want. The best way to get across what it is you want is to write it down and offer examples. Perhaps you have seen a website that is very similar to what you want with a few modifications… or you have found websites that show precisely what you do NOT want.

You should also think about what you want your website to do, what functions it should have. All of this will help you and your developer formulate a basic website layout to work with.

Finally, know what your budget constraints are and explain them to the developer. This should really be the very first thing you talk about, before even going over the scope of the work. The reason for this is that if the developer and designer know up front what they have to work with they will be able to deliver to you the website that you want, that will do what you want it to do… and it will fall within your budget limits. Understand that website design is expensive and it requires a great deal of time on the part of the developer and the designer. No one wants to waste time, or do something that they can’t be compensated for as they create your custom web design.

So remember, to get the website you really want it is up to you to communicate with your website developer and designer. You need to know exactly what is included in their scope of work and what isnt’. You need to know what you want in your website, at the very least know what you don’t want. You also need to know your budget and so does your developer…from the beginning to make the partnership cohesive and able to meet expectations.

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