Why the Customer Feedback Form Is Essential

We would all agree that the main target of our business, regardless of industry, is getting customers. They are the lifeline of our business because without them there wouldn’t be a business. Smart business owners realize that customers are a very special commodity. One that needs to be catered to and cared for in order… read more

Domain Names and the Role They Play in Search Ranking

Domain names play more of a role in ranking than many people realize. Whether the domain uses a relevant keyword, the age of the domain and whether it’s a top-level domain all play a role. Professional website design often includes a service that helps you to determine the ideal domain name for your website. And… read more

Price Doesn’t Equal Reliable Hosting

Thousands of e commerce hosting companies are on the web all competing for your business, and the fact is that because you pay top dollar for your hosting company, doesn’t ensure that you’re getting reliable web hosting. This can be confusing, especially for a new business owner who doesn’t know the ropes. One of the… read more

The Latest Web Design Fads

Trends come and go, and for the most part you can decide whether or not taking part in that fad is going to be beneficial to you and if you want to do it or not. Well, that is true for most fads… unless it pertains to web design. You will inevitably fall victim to… read more

Is free hosting a good option?

Free websites may be a good option for some business owners. A person who is setting up a website for mostly personal use is likely to use a free hosting service instead of a paid one. In some cases, a free site may be a good option for a site that’s just starting up. However,… read more

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